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William Marrs
Founder and CEO

Hi, I’m William Marrs Founder and CEO of Marrs Solutions LLC and the inventor of Marrs Touchless Toilet Paper Dispenser. This patented invention is no ordinary toilet paper dispenser.


If you are like me, protecting your family and friends isn’t something you have to think about; you do it because it’s what you’re supposed to do, and you know they would do the same for you.


That is where this innovation was born, out of a need to protect those around me and help the environment. Our family of 4 would go through a new pack of tissue rolls in a matter of days. This meant more trees were going to be cut down; a trip to the gas station to fuel up; finding somewhere to park at the nearest grocery store, crossing your fingers hoping the store isn’t sold out, then buying that new pack, and back home again. This is a cycle most of us are all too familiar with. I grew frustrated and knew there had to be a better way.


I've found my purpose and I am solely focused on making Marrs Touch-free Toilet Paper Dispensers the very best product to protect our families and save our forests. Join me on this journey and let’s make a difference.


Our Mission

Our Vision

To simplify how customers use everyday products.

We are driven to raise the standard for more efficient, sanitary, and eco-friendly products that simplify the lives of our customers and help create a hygienic environment for all by delivering inventive and innovative concepts and designs.        

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